Friday, May 05, 2006

How Focus Can Improve Your Golf Game

By Hana Lee
Ninety percent of golf is mental. Oh heck, make that 95%!Arnold Palmer stated, “The toughest 6 inches in the game ofgolf is between a player’s ears”.The fastest way to lower your score is to master the ability tofocus.
Most golfers tend to think they must practice more, find a newinstructor, buy more videos, get the swing right, change thoseclubs. But one of the often overlooked and most importantmental aspects of the game is focus.
Now you want to make sure you focus on the result you want. Ingolf the shot is determined by your level of concentration.You’ve likely just rushed right in and played shots withoutconcentrating.
No wonder the ball ended up going haywire!It’s better to make ten focused swings than 100 quick,thoughtless ones. Your swing will naturally break down whenyou’re fatigued. So be sure to take a break when you’repracticing.
Brain breaks give your mind and body a chance toimplement what you’re learning.One way to practice the art of focusing is to light a candleand stare into the flame, only thinking of the flame. Everytime your mind starts to move to any other thought, bring itback to the flame. Think of the dancing orange colors, how theymelt inside of each other.
The first time you do this, you might be hard –pressed to lastfor 3 minutes. Work up to 20 minutes, and your ability to focuson anything will have improved immensely. You’ll be able to takethis enhanced skill to the golf course.When you’re playing, just think about the next shot.
Duringdown time, allow your mind to relax and wander for a fewminutes. Don’t try to concentrate the entire game, or you’llget very fatigued, very quickly. Save the mental workout forthoughtful shot decisions and center on what shot you’re goingto play next.
Also, keep your cool and behave in an emotionally controlledmanner. You will perform more effectively. In the great game ofgolf, emotions soar and fall quickly. You can go from totallyhappy to totally ticked off in no time at all.
In fact, thefeeling of anger is actually a series of reactions that happenin just 1/30th of a second.Stop it at the first spark. The important thing is to figureout what is really making you angry. Think of the grand schemeof life and how today is just a speck.
Your golf game is aspeck on a speck. It helps to minimize the situation and lookat the big picture of what’s really important in life.Master the mental art of focus, and you’ve got 95% of the gameof golf all figured out!
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