Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How To Improve Your Golf Game

By Tim Lee

When it comes to your skills at golf, it is important to have both strength and flexibility. Both of these attributes can be honed through outside exercise beyond putting the greens.
One method of gaining strength applicable to your game is to take up light weight lifting. Anyone can do light weight lifting, and it can be done either at home or at your local gym. Golfers need strength mainly in their legs and arms, so this should be the focus of your workout.
Starting out with arm exercises, use weight machines that work the bicep muscles, tricep muscles and forearm muscles. You can use free weights (beginners should not go beyond twenty pounds for each arm) as well as standard machines that strengthen the various arm muscles.
In addition, doing a couple sets of push ups each day is a great way to build arm strength as well as shoulder strength. Both of these muscle groups are important in improving your golf swing.
At a glance, leg muscles may not seem important to your golf game, but in reality leg strength is essential to your game. Your legs provide balance and stability, both qualities which are important in the game of golf. To strengthen leg muscles, focus on your main muscle groups while weight lifting.
Again, similar to the arm weights, there are standard machines pertaining to the legs at almost all gyms. One does not have to strain themselves to strengthen and tone muscle. Golfers should pick weights that focus on calves, the front of the legs, hamstrings and quadriceps.
Besides strength building, flexibility is vital to improving yours skills at golf. Taking up a stretching routine can improve your flexibility and can be extremely relaxing as well. Light yoga is easy and fun, and tapes can be found at almost any department store.
Also, there are a large variety of classes available for virtually every type of person. I highly recommend integrating yoga into your life. After a relatively short amount of time, your flexibility and your golf game will greatly improve.
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