Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do You Always Have to Buy from the Ladies' Golf Section?

Janet Strain

When you’re growing up as a young female golfer, it’s exciting to go into the sports store or browse on the Internet and find the products and accessories that are just right for a girl’s game.

But as you grow up and your game gets better, you start to realize that you might have to start crossing the aisle and sneaking into the men’s section. Fortunately, manufacturers are starting to recognize that ladies golf is a profitable niche market that they need to cater to – delivering the same high quality products and options that men have.

Customizing Your Golf Clubs

For a long time, women with long arms - or who were taller than the average female- had to invest in men’s golf clubs, so that when they addressed the ball, they didn’t have to bend their knees a little extra in order to make contact with it.

But now many manufacturers are providing golf items for all women. Now, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, they’re selling petit, regular, tall, and left-handed clubs for lad golfers.

Still, there might be a time when you’re at the course or the driving range and you swing a club that someone (male) in your group let you use for a shot. You loved it – but it’s a guy’s club – can you still use it?

Of course you can. Don’t feel that your set of clubs have to all be from one manufacturer. Don’t be afraid to break up the set. You might have a men’s driver or men’s 5-iron that you want.

There’s no set rule that says your set has to stay together. That’s what eBay is for. If you have a club you lo longer use, sell it or trade it in for something you like better.

You may even want to customize your clubs as your game improves – golf shops can create the perfect shaft, grip and head that best fits your height, power and preferences.

Accessorizing Your Game Regardless of Gender

When you start knowing what you really want from your golf game, you’ll realize that comfort and performance outweigh visual appeal. You might go shopping for a good golf shoe and find that the men’s shoes offer more of what you want to walk an 18-hole course in order to come home without four blisters on your feet.

Really, the only reason to prefer women’s golf accessories over the men’s is the fashion superiority and appeal they offer. Like top designers, golf manufacturers have recognized that some women want to look stylish on the links – whether it’s the Italian leather golf bag in camel or the Malibu Slingback Sandal that can be used both on and off the course.

Some items, like the slingback sandal, will only be offered in the women’s section. And there are some accessories that will be reserved for the men, such as a money clip for those who carry their cash outside of a traditional wallet.

While it’s hard to imagine that a man would prefer a slingback sandal, a woman who walks the course may not want to carry her large, bulky Louis Vuitton pocketbook in her bag. Admit it – some women’s purses weigh a ton and who wants to carry that extra load on the links?

She might want to slip a money clip on the counter for those days when she doesn’t use a cart. That way, she has her cash for clubhouse refreshments or the round of golf (or a bet or two) but she doesn’t have to lug around anything unnecessary.

Women today are edging their way into men’s professional tournaments. It’s safe to say the products that come out on the marketplace will allow women every advantage that men have on the course – whether it’s the power of a new hybrid club or the accessories that make the game of golf easier or more fun to enjoy.

If you find yourself eyeballing an item that’s considered “for men only” in the golf world, break the rules and get it anyway. You’ll be alerting the golfing industry that they need to cater to the needs of ladies who might also want the same item on the women’s side of the aisel.

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