Friday, May 05, 2006

The Process Of Golf

By Ryan Larson
Golf is learned little by little one step at a time.
Not exactly a modern American game, is it?Well, if your heart is set on “convenience” sports, you mightwant to consider kickball or four-square. Golf isn’t learned ina day. Or even a year.
According to some players – even a decadeis too short! There’s no such thing as a perfect golf game.That’s all part of the “beauty and beast” nature that makes upthis simple, complicated game.
There are some fundamental tips, though, that can shave a fewyears of frustration off your career! Some golfers disagree oneven the basics. So I guarantee you’ll find somewhere someonewho will disagree with me. But here’s what I’ve found to helpgolfers tremendously in improving their game.
The three most important steps that you want to keep in mindall the time are• keep your head still• keep your club head traveling in a straight line while incontact with the ball• relax your muscles.
I really can’t say enough about the importance of keeping yourhead perfectly still throughout your shot. I’ve seen frustratedgolfers of all sizes improve immediately upon concentrating onthis one step.
When your head is still, you can see the ball clearly. And howcan you hit something that you can’t see?
Keeping your club head traveling in a straight line while incontact with the ball will help you avoid slicing and a host ofother ills.
Relaxation of your muscles aids tremendously in keeping yourbalance. Balance is paramount to a good golf game and you don’twant to have to brace your muscles all over your body. Stand comfortably so you can reach the ball easily.
As far as propelling the ball is concerned. the muscles which add to theforce are the muscles which twist the body around. They’re themost powerful. So relax those arms!
If your game is off, go back to these three important steps.Don’t change your stance or swing. Just go back to the threebasics and you’ll get back on track.
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